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Take Advantage of Studying in Canada

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 The wide range of benefits that comes from studying abroad cannot be over emphasized. Being introduced to different culture, learning new languages, meeting people from different parts of the world – the gains goes on.

Out of the top study abroad destinations for students, including UK and US, Canada stands out on a white promise of great experiences. As you consider options for your study abroad program, it’s worthwhile to have a view of what hopes Canada holds for you, and of course, that’s also in looking at the fun side.

With over 250,000 international students, Canada continues to grow annually, and this is largely due to some of the factors below:


Cost of Tuition and Living is Cheaper, Compared to Other Commonwealth Countries

The quality of education in Canada is equivalent to those of the US and the UK, but at a near half cost. This means if you find the cost of studying in the US, UK, etc. overwhelming, Canada is a viable option.

The standard of education in Canada is among the best in the world, while tuition and living is comparably cheaper than in many countries.


Studying in Canada is Safe with Security for All

The Global Peace Index ranks Canada as one of the top 10 safest countries to visit in the world, making it a conducive place for international students to study.

Canadians are very accommodating, and rich in multiculturalism. The country has ethnic groups from all over the world represented – you can practice your traditions without intimidation from anyone.

Individual values are respected and you do not have to subscribe to the ethos of others to get assimilated.


Work While You Study

If you ever come short of money, you can work during and after academic sessions to earn and level up. This could help you to make ends meet, and also pay up any student loans you might have.

It is however beneficial to note that you must have a valid study permit, be a full-time student, and be part of an academic, vocational, or professional training program to take advantage of 20-hour weekly in-session work or full-time job during scheduled breaks.


Become a Permanent Canadian Resident

Do you know that you can become a permanent Canadian resident by enrolling in the Canadian education system? In fact, one of the reasons international students come to Canada is to become a Canadian citizen. This is possible through the Canadian Experience Class.

You must have worked with a valid work permit and obtained a graduate degree to be eligible for permanent residency which takes 15 to 18 months to process.


Learn Two Major Languages While Exploring Canada

English and French, two major languages in the world, are the official languages of Canada. International students are easily exposed to learning and perfecting these languages while studying in Canada.

Both English and French are used for teaching in Canada and they are integral to the country’s education system, helping your mastery of both or either languages while studying in Canada.


Talk about tourist attractions; be sure to visit beautiful places like lush coastline of British Columbia; the majestic Rocky Mountains of Alberta; the wide expanse of the prairies, and all the maple sugar country of the Great Lakes.

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