How To Spot A Scholarship Scam

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In response to the high number of queries we’ve had regarding scholarships, we have started a scholarship series, we’ll be posting on scholarships more often so keep checking!

Scholarships are a great way for students to fund their study abroad, the fact that it is free makes it extremely popular and for this very reason thousands if not millions of unsuspecting scholarship seekers are duped out of significant sums of money year after year!

How to spot a scholarship scam

  1. If an individual or company guarantees you a scholarship, it’s likely to be a trap to reel you in as a means of collecting your money, there is no such thing as a guaranteed scholarship!


  1. Some companies pretend to act on behalf of governments and government bodies particularly in countries like Nigeria, where application fees are order of the day, do not fall prey, make sure you verify the source particularly where words such as “ official” or “national body” and “representative” are used. Read the small print


  1. Some companies and or individuals will out rightly as you for money up front, some will claim to know the ins and outs of the university or even be in charge of the scholarship fund, it’s all lies, it’s likely that once you hand over your money you’ll never hear from them again


  1. A very common scholarship scam is where the victim is told they’ve been selected to receive a scholarship but need to pay the “taxes” or a “redemption” fee in order to claim the scholarship, the scammer may send out a cheque of the scholarship amount and ask that you send a cheque to cover the “taxes”, you don’t need to be a genius to figure out what happens when you take the scammers cheque to the bank. That’s right you guessed it … it bounces!


  1. Some fraudsters have even gone as far as organising scholarship seminars, these seminars are created to undermine your common sense and encourage you to act impulsively, at these seminars you’ll be asked for money to to help you secure a scholarship, once again don’t give in, it’s a scam.


If something seems too good to be true it almost always too good to be true, don’t get sucked in to an elaborate scheme the best way to find a scholarship is to contact the university directly and find out what scholarships are available for Nigerian students and the application process .

We also publish a list of legitimate scholarships here on the blog

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