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Finding Free SAT & ACT Practice Resources

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Only a decade ago, test prep seemed to be a service available only to those willing to invest thousands of dollars. Sure, you could shoestring it by buying a book or two at Barnes & Noble but even that could set you back about 50 dollars.

That has all changed–and in a big way. With the College Board partnering with Khan Academy and the proliferation of blogs such as PWN the SAT and Magoosh, free prep is quickly becoming the norm. A sign of this is the ACT is now teaming up with Kaplan, which is long known as the powerhouse in test prep–and for offering services at a hefty sum. So how does all this free prep stack up against 50 bucks worth of prep books? It completely blows it out of the water.


Free SAT practice resources


  1. Khan Academy

The breadth of material and the quality of instruction you get here is excellent (though the math is better than the verbal). That Khan Academy offers all the instructional materials (including free SAT practice tests from College Board) for free is mind blowing. I’d argue–though this isn’t very empirical–that Khan is better than some 3,000 dollar prep courses, especially when the instructor has limited experience or little motivation.

As of now, Khan is only available for the SAT. But it’s thousands of free math lesson videos cover most of the concepts on the ACT math.


  1. PWN the SAT

This blog features great advice from a tutor who really understands the test. I’d say his math content is stronger but the verbal advice is still solid. PWN sells books on Amazon but many of these can be spread out over the blog.


  1. Magoosh High School Blog: SAT Section

Like PWN the SAT, Magoosh has a blog offering tons of free advice, lesson videos, and tips. Magoosh also has a product (disclaimer: I create SAT content for Magoosh) and you can access a certain number of videos for free.


  1. The College Board

The College Board creates the SAT, so it’s good to take advantage of any free resources that come your way. For the old SAT they offered a “question of the day”. This feature, sadly, is now gone. What they do offer are practice SAT tests and a practice PSAT. However, this content overlaps with what you can get through Khan Academy. So for now, the College Board isn’t giving us too much new.


Free ACT practice resources


Unfortunately, ACT practice resources aren’t quite as robust. At the same time, the ACT is trying to rip a page from the College Board’s playbook by offering free content through its partnership with Kaplan. This content, though, will only be free for those who qualify as lower income. Otherwise, you’ll have to pay 200, which at least is better than 2,000. We will just have to wait a bit for this. For now we have the following:


  1. ACT practice test

Like the College Board tests, these ACT practice tests were written by the creators–in this case, the ACT. Unfortunately, as is also the case with the College Board, there are no explanations, only answer choices.


  1. Magoosh High School Blog: ACT Section

Like the SAT section of the blog, you’ll get lots of free information covering all aspects of the test. There will be practice content from time to time, so you can practice ACT questions created by the experts at Magoosh


  1. Magoosh ACT flashcards 

These flashcards are great because they take concepts fundamentals essential to the ACT and break them down in flashcard form. That means you can study on the go. They’re available on iTunes and Google Play.



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